The UN Saves Lives


of the world's children are vaccinated every year through UN efforts, saving 2.5 million lives per year.

million women's lives are saved every year through UN maternal health promotions.

million hungry individuals in roughly 75 countries annually receive food through the World Food Programme.

million rural poor achieved better lives in the last 30 years due to poverty reduction efforts.

UN peacekeepers in 16 operations on 4 continents.

billion dollars in humanitarian aid mobilized to help people effected by emergencies.

million refugees fleeing war, famine or persecution assisted through UNHCR.

UN treaties and declarations help promote and protect human rights on site.

  • Smallpox cases decreased by…. 100%
  • Polio cases decreased by… 99%
  • Measles cases decreased by… 78%
  • Malaria mortality rates decreased by…. 42%

Eradicating Diseases

Through efforts led by the United Nations, preventable childhood deaths are rapidly decreasing worldwide.  Most notably, the UN has been a leader in providing immunizations and anti-malaria bed nets that are decreasing or eradicating crippling diseases that especially target children under the age of five.